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"On the theory that one should never take anything for granted, follow up on everything, but especially those items varying from the norm. The greater the divergence from normal routine and/or the greater the number of offices potentially involved, the better the chance a never-to-be-discovered person will file the problem away in a drawer specifically designed for items requiring a decision.  ---Douglas Evelyn

Welcome to the official home of "An Interview with a Saint."

Jesus was a Carpenter - hence most of the best people on our planet seem to have lots of after-work demands on their free time, as well.

Whenever my free time is once again my own, from a daily inspirational message to sharing more than the Open Source creations mentioned in our works... we have great plans for the resurrection of this web site.

For now however, I want you to have a free copy of my book. --Available here on our web site, (the password is NagysNotes) with that link you will be able to enjoy the latest edition of "An Interview with A Saint" in its on-line, 100% complete, entirety. --No cost, no obligation... and certainly no personal information required!

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--R.A. Nagy